Complete Transport Management Software
for Small and Medium size Freight Forwarders
All your needs covered in one single affordable easy to use package!
NEO-FREIGHT integrates all the functions to effectively manage air , ocean , ground and intermodal transport. With minimum data entry, users can quickly access their information, produce all import or export documentation, manage their payable, produce their invoices, etc... A complete fully-integrated accounting system provides real-time information to management.
Operation Management
Freight Forwarding Operations
NEO6 provides you with functions to manage all your files through an intuitive easy to learn and easy to use package.
All information at your fingertip!
  • Air, Ocean, Ground
  • Import, Export, Domestic
  • Directs & Consolidations
  • Documentation
  • P&L per file
  • Air Waybills management
  • Incoterms
  • Actions & Milestones
  • And much more!
Customer Service
Freight Forwarding Customer Service
NEO6 will help you distinguish your company with outstanding client service. Communication is key.
Easy information sharing
  • Centralized access to information
  • PO management
  • Documents repository
  • Web portal for clients
  • Multi-modal quotations
  • Integrated CRM
  • And much more!
Transport Billing
Freight Forwarding Billing
With NEO6, your billing will be quick, efficient and professional. Invoices will be professional and will show all references.
Designed for transport
  • Invoices with all operation references
  • Multi-currency per client
  • Statements
  • And much more!
Integrated Accounting
Freight Forwarding Accounting
NEO6 comes with a complete accounting package designed specifically for the industry. It is completely integrated with operations.
Use only one software!
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Operation Payables
  • Accrual Expenses management
  • Overhead Payables
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Statements
  • And much more!
Our software is designed specifically for small and medium size International Freight Forwarder.
It is extremely easy to use and offers numerous features to help you day after day.
Easy to use
Easy to learn, Easy to use

NEO6 for Freight Forwarders has been specifically designed for small enterprises.

The user interface is lean and intuitive. As a small freight forwarder, you don't have time to learn and digest complex systems. You want your team to be fully functional and productive as quick as possible.

NEO6 is the easiest system to learn and use.

All mode of transport
All modes of Transport

NEO6 let you handle all mode of transport: Air, Ocean and Ground for Import, Export or Domestic shipments. The software allows you to manage direct shipments as well as consolidations.

Easy to use screens help you manage all information about each shipment as well as control your costs and billing.

One time entry to get all your Documents

NEO6 will generate all your shipment documents: Packing List, Cargo Manifest, Cargo Labels, Master Air Waybills, House Air Waybills, Commercial invoices, Certificates of Origin, Pickup/Delivery Instructions, Booking confirmations, Bills of Lading, House Bills of Lading, Pre-Alerts, Arrival Notices, Release Notes, etc...

Freight forwarding accounting
Client Portal

For a better customer service, provide your client with a professional and easy to use web portal, branded to your image.

With Shipment tracking, PODs and Documents sharing, they have all information available 24/24, 7/7. They can also directly send you request for quotations as well as requests for booking.

Freight forwarding accounting
Freight Forwarding Accounting

NEO6 comes with a full accounting module. There is no need for another software. Your accounting numbers are always live and accurate. Not double entries.

Everything from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, General Ledger and Financial Statements is integrated for real-time accounting. The software handles multi-currency (Each client can be billed in multiple currencies and still get a single statement). It also maintains automatically your accrual expenses accounts per currencies.

Control your Profit

With NEO6, controling your profit per file becomes easy. Purchase entries are providing you with your estimated cost. Operational invoices received from your vendors are posted against one or several files for actual cost. Accrual expenses per currency are also maintained accordingly.

At any time you can view your estimated and actual profit per file.

Fourkites Integration

NEO6 can be integrated with Fourkites so shipment milestones can automatically populate in the back-office for operation, and on your client portal.

A great step for automation and a better customer service.

Chain.io Integration

NEO6 let you receive automatically Shipments and Consolidations from your overseas agents via Chain.io.

No need to rekey information.

Lean design
"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication" (Leonardo da Vinci).
Main screen menu
Intuitive, Easy and quick access to all functions. Access control is managed by user groups.
Operation files
Operation Files
Access all your files from a centralized screeen. Search and sort by Mawb#/Mbl#, Cargo Control#, Client, Carrier, Container, etc...
Export Air File
Export Air File
Centralize all information about each Export Air file. Manage Transport Canada details, MAWB#, packing list, pickup & transfers, etc... Easily produce your Mawbs, Hawbs, Cargo Manifests, Packing List, Cargo Labels, etc...
Packing List
Packing List
Enter one time the related packing list. Dimension calculator integrated. Populates all your documents.
Packing List Report
Packing List Report
Professional... Good looking... One clic to email...
Personalized Themes
Personalized Themes
Different mood ? Work with a different theme!
Client, Vendor, Carrier, Agent, Warehouse, etc... Easily identify, group and sort your parties...
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders
Enter purchase orders for all provisional cost. It will automatically maintain your GL accrual expense accounts.
Transport Invoice
Transport Invoice
Nice professional invoice with all operational details!
P&L per file
P&L per file
Compare estimated cost versus actual cost versus billing amount for each file!
Mawb Printing
Mawb Printing
Easy to produce Mawbs, MBLs, Hawbs, etc... from one-time entries.
Commercial Invoice
Commercial Invoice
All documents, such as Commercial Invoices, are quickly produced from one-time entries...
General Ledger Transactions
General Ledger Transactions
Complete General Ledger system with Financials
Certificate Of Origin
Certificate Of Origin
All documents, such as Commercial Invoices, are quickly produced from one-time entries...
Vendor Invoices Entry
Vendor Invoices Entry
In addition of regular overhead expenses, vendor invoices related to operations are distributed against one or several files.
vDocs (Go Paperless)
General Ledger reports
General Ledger reports
General Ledger, Transactions List, Trial Balance, ...
Client account Statements
Client account Statements
One statement per client, regardless the number of currencies are involved!
Import and export documents are easy to create...
Profit or Loss on Exchange Rate
Profit or Loss on Exchange Rate
Profit or Loss on Exchange Rate is automatically calculated for up to date financial statements.
Freight Forwarding client portal
Freight Forwarding client portal
Clients can view the status of their shipment. They can also create requests for quotation and request for booking, in all mode of transport. Documents can be shared with the client.
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